Nexco Pharma

Nexco Pharma has two products, namely NexCream and Nexavir Injectable. In 2004, Nexco Pharma acquired the rights to Nexavir from Kremers Urban (Schwarz Pharma).

Nexavir is a drug consisting of processed extract from porcine livers that contains a mixture of proteins called polypeptides. Originally developed in the 1930’s as Kutapressin by Kremers Urban (Schwarz Pharma), it was used as an anti-inflammatory agent primarily for acute allergic reactions of the skin such as severe contact dermatitis (e.g., poison ivy), shingles, rosacea, etc.

Nexavir is the exactly same formulation as Kutapressin. The drug is approved by the Food and Drug Administration on a “grandfathered” basis, given that its development predates the establishment of the FDA testing protocols and its long safety record.

Nexavir is prepared as an extract from a pig’s liver resulting in a mixture of small proteins called polypeptides. Initially administered as an intramuscular injection, Nexco Pharma has also developed Nexavir in the form of cream/gel and suppository and patch, and is working on other forms of delivering Nexavir in different strengths.

NexCream is being manufactured in the USA to deliver top-notch treatment for diverse chronic ailments. The drug has been used for the last 40 plus years amid great success in helping patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ Myalgic Encephalopathy (CFS/ME), Shingles, Epstein-Barr Virus (also the cause of Infectious Mono), Autism, and acute Hepatitis B

Nexco Pharma is most excited about the treatment and possible cure of Long COVID and Hepatitis C with the help of Nexavir. Hepatitis C is becoming a significant problem in the US as well as throughout the world, but treatment for this disease is limited. While clinical improvement has been observed by routine monitoring criteria in all of the above-mentioned viruses, proof of anti-viral activity in experimental models has been achieved with EBV and HHV6. In another case, a chemical, drug induced severe hepatitis was reversed by monitoring sensitive liver enzymes in the serum by Kutapressin therapy over a 30-day period. This most likely reflects the potent anti-viral and anti-inflammatory activity of the drug. Chemical hepatitis is particularly hard to treat and frequently is fatal. Currently, small numbers of patients have been treated with Nexavir with huge success, therefore multi-center, double-blind studies are required to find the right dosage and to prove efficacy of Nexavir in HVC. There is no cure for HVC and the market for Nexavir could top USD ten (10) billion a year.

Nexavir has also worked well with HIV/AIDS patients and is very effective when taken with other HIV drugs. Nexavir helps patients avoid opportunistic infections. Although Nexavir is not seen as a cure for HIV/AIDS, it does keep patients from getting sick due to its anti-viral effect. More research is required to discover the right dosage to aid the prevention of the entrance of diseases that attack the immune system.

Nexavir has the history of over seventy five (75) years to demonstrate the toxicology of the drug and clearly shows that no side-effects have been reported (patients with allergies to pork should not use Nexavir). For the last thirty plus years, we have gained significant knowledge concerning Nexavir’s toxicology, efficacy, and different forms of transportation (transdermal gel, suppository, and patch).

We still have minimal knowledge of the active ingredient and its working mechanism. Nexco Pharma would like to do research to breakdown Nexavir so it could be produced without using porcine liver, hence making it a non-biological drug.

Nexco Pharma believes this natural extract of small proteins (Nexavir) promises the world a great opportunity and must be taken to the next level.