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We are very excited to announce that Nexco Cream 75 is now available. After years of research we are able to come up with a very viable product. We also learned from the patients, physicians and pharmacies who compounded Injectable into cream for the last 35+ years. Every patient who used the cream was extremely happy with the results. Nexco Cream is made with pure porcine liver derivative. We were told by all the patients that the efficacy of cream is as good as, if not better than, the injectable.

It is in a 30 ml pump bottle which is equivalent to 30 & 60 ml of injectable respectively, if you want to compare (3 injectable vials of 20 ml each).

  • 30ml cream = 60ml injectable (three vials)
  • 30ml cream = 60ml of injectable = 3 vials = $450.00

S&H via USPS Priority Mail is $19 for one 30mL and $29 for three pumps for USA shipments. S&H is higher for international shipments.

If you took 2 ml (cc) injection, then you will take 1 ml of Nexco Cream, which is approx. three pumps. At this rate, 30 ml will mean 30 day supply (equivalent to three injectable vials). Take three pumps a day (2 in the morning and 1 in the evening or vice versa). After three months, you may try to use only two full pumps per day – you can use two pumps at the same time.

Put cream on your wrist/forearm (palm side) and rub it with the other wrist until absorbed. We can ship gel/cream directly to you and you do not need prescription (injectables have to be got on prescription). No more injections everyday!

We have very limited quantities now, so please let us know the number of pumps you want. Now we accept credit cards or you can mail us a check. Kindly email fast to reserve your pumps.