Nexavir now Nexco Cream gave me my life back. Within three months of my first injection of Nexavir in December 2009, after being barely able to leave my apartment for almost 10 years, I was in Africa shooting a documentary on heavy metal musicians in Mozambique.

Leslie B. New York City (super model)

Young ME sufferer Jenny Rowbory tells Sheena Grant about a drug by Nexavir she hopes will change her life and the poetry anthology she has published to help fund her treatment.

Jenny Rowbory (USA)

Thank you for the information I sent it on to him.

As for my generosity I believe I am blessed And this horrendous disease I am waiting for the day I am me again! There is a lesson I’m being taught and I’ll be glad to know the answer!

I wish someone had told me it could take years as I became home bound agoraphobia set in & weight gain plus weak muscles!

Before I would travel somewhere new by myself every year! Now I have to take a day to make plans!

I am now walking and trying to do something every day! I have 4 years to make up for!

This Nexco cream gave me my life back. It’s sad the people I tell that don’t believe me! I wish I could just pump some on everyone’s wrist and see how they do!

Especially homeless people. If not for owning a house & my pension I would be out in the streets! It was so easy to not do anything ! People think Pain is worse… but it’s the fatigue the wall that I couldn’t get through!

I pray more people discover it & I did leave info with the mayor but I’m not sure if he read it!

When I’m up to it I’ll go back to city hall as I made a few friends there when I went to city meetibg!

Ps: I took sugar cookies decorated as flowers to give to everyone!

D. H. B

I have CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome/ME). For years I used Nexavir injections which helped greatly with the flu type symptoms of fatigue and swollen lymph glands. Studies showed Kutapressin, now known as Nexavir, to be a potent inhibitor of the Epstein Barr virus, among other viruses. I appreciate so much Nexco Pharma continuing the manufacture of this product, now available as a cream. I would recommend a trial for anyone with the immunological symptoms of CFIDS or recurring EB virus.

Shirley B. (North Carolina, USA)

I have been suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for over 30 years, and had used Nexavir injectable for many of those years. The Nexco cream is made from Nexavir, and is adminstered without any injections. Just a simple three pumps on the wrist to massage in with the other wrist, and you're done for the day. I am thrilled to have this cream for everyday use, as it helps with brain fog and energy levels. The people at Nexco Pharma are very helpful, and are available to help you with every concern. I have had a good relationship with this reputable company for years, and you will too.

LR (New York, USA)

I have been using Nexco Cream since it was first released. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME and this product is the only one that reduces my fatigue,brain fog and headaches. I have tried many other products to no avail.

VC (Florida, USA)

Nexco drug's helping Jenny get back on her feetYoung ME sufferer Jenny Rowbory tells Sheena Grant about a drug by Nexavir she hopes will change her life and the poetry anthology she has published to help fund her treatment.

For myself the injection/cream reduced fatigue and brain fog. Also I have not shown a high amount of EBV IGM while taking either the cream or injection. IGM typically will show high on an initial infection. I've had reactivated EBV so strong the IGM levels start to climb again. I can say that the cream does work as effectively as the injections. It's a lot easier as well since no injection.

Joe (Arizona, USA)

Great news!! My daughter is doing so much better!! I am sure it is from using the Nexavir cream. She is now using 3 pumps daily - and hasn't had fevers and her overall feeling of fatigue and malaise is lessening! Do you think she should be doing 4 pumps a day ?? I thought you had said she could go up to 4 for a bit until she really improved and then go back down to 3 Please let me know.

Also she has one container left she just started, so I would need another order of the cream to get to me in 2 weeks - as I want her to continue with it without a lapse in use. Thanks again for your help.

First off, I swear that I am a real patient who has nothing to gain by sharing my story and my recommendation of nexavir. I was first diagnosed with CFS, recurring EBV (higher than my dr. had ever seen in 25 yrs of practice), severe endometriosis, then finally, later, SLE-lupus. I truly only want to share with others how Kutapressin, (then later, THANKFULLY, re-released as Nexavir) markedly improved my health and quality of life.

I was completely disheartened when Kutapressin was taken off the market and all of my worst symptoms returned. I knew it was that drug that helped me so tremendously. I, like many of us with chronic illnesses, have tried almost everything, read everything online and in the journals about how to treat these conditions and for me, Nexavir was the best thing, with the greatest efficacy and fewest side-effects (really, none), I had used.

I am not 100% 'cured' of any disease, but here is just a small list of what Nexavir has helped me with:

  • Increased my energy level immensely!!
  • ‘Brain Fog' lifted/improved mental clarity.
  • Completely alleviated my chronic, terrible constipation
  • Better, more restful sleep
  • Deep leg and foot pain was gone
  • It lowered my ANA and SED rate and other lupus/inflammatory markers
  • My kidney and liver function blood markers improved
  • Had an immune 'modulating' effect rather than suppressing or activating, as so many other supplements/meds do
  • My EBV, CMV and other chronic infection levels went down
  • Daily fevers/temps. were gone or lowered
  • I won’t ever know for sure but I feel that it helped to support my liver to process the other, necessary medications and supplements I take

As far as I can tell, I have no negative side effects, honestly, and that is rare! I will tell you why and how that was possible....

I have spoken of all these wonderful improvements i got from Nexavir on a few lupus, CFS and other message boards and I pray people will find relief,(and get some 'life' back!) as I did.

******from personal experience and talking to others who used Nexavir, my best and most important advice is to start administering this medication slowly.******

We are all so different, and I cannot promise you will have same, exact great experience I did. but I cannot emphasize enough that I feel that the people who went off of it, and/or got little improvement quickly, is because they started the full dose immediately, and didn't gradually work up, or stick with it. BBut the many individuals I knew who followed this slow-start method, got similarly wonderful benefits as I did from Nexavir. it takes patience and it is so frustrating to wait it out when you want to feel better now,I know! But (again, in MY own strong opinion) you will have few-to-no side effects that way, and it will work for you, too, after a few months.

Again, I am not a dr. and this is my own story so, of course, you must talk to your dr. and use your best judgment. I don't advise you go off lupus medications (or other ones) if that is what you and your dr. decide is best for you.

I can tell you that because Nexavir is not (yet) a widely used, big-pharma drug that many physicians won't know about it, and may even disregard your opinions about wanting to try it, as my rheumatologist originally did, but when she saw the benefits I was receiving she was impressed, as was my G.P.

All my best wishes for improved health for everyone!

Kiley (Chicago, USA)

Several of us in Australia are using Nexco Cream 75 now and we used Nexavir before and Kutapressin before that. It is miracle drug for us. All of us have the same doctor. I heard a lot of other people in Australia are using it too very successfully. We will not be alive today without Nexco Cream 75.

Michael (Australia)

I live in Stockholm and also know a person who lives in Copenhagen. We suffer from ME/CFS and Nexavir (now Nexco Cream) is the only thing which works and keep us alive. Superb product.

RR (Sweden)

Treatment OptionsIn my practice, I have used Kutapressin & now Nexavir, same product but the company changed the name, in the treatment of CFS with great success. Nexavir, sometimes in conjunction with other products like Immunoprop plus or …….. has been very effective in treating CFS patients throughout the world. The specific dosage and length of treatment vary from patient to patient.

Dr. Enlander